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Your tool kit for everything home.

Connect with top home service pros, get exclusive discounts, and access award-winning market stats and more.

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Be among the Industry Partners that work with DMAR Realtor® members.
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How it works

Our simple, yet efficient partnership program

DMAR Realtors® cultivate robust business relationships. Joining this program is the first step to fostering mutually beneficial referrals.

Free Account - DMAR Home Kit

1. Get your DMAR Industry Partner membership.

Submit your Industry
Partner membership application and create a profile.

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2. Select your enhancement package.

Keep your basic listing in the DMAR Home Kit app or choose an enhancement and stay top of mind.

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3. Grow your contacts

Engage in committees, programs and networking events to build lasting referral relationships.

Learn why the DMAR Industry Partner program is great for your company.

Be the go-to pro for 8,000 Realtors® and their clients.

Offer Deals -DMAR Home Kit

Offer Deals

Send your deal to DMAR Home Kit users. Push notifications are included in all packages.

Booking requests - DMAR Home Kit

Get Booking Requests

DMAR Home Kit users can send direct booking requests to your business.

Networking - Member Marketing


Attend meetings, events and classes, and build a solid referral network.

Low Cost - DMAR Home Kit

Low Cost

Join for under $20 per month and become a DMAR Industry Partner today. Learn more.

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Moving - DMAR Home Kit

Your Toolkit for Everything Home

Looking for a roofer, painter or mortgage lender? All of the DMAR Home Kit service providers are trusted Industry Partner members of the Denver Metro Association of Realtors® (DMAR).

Moving Family - DMAR Home Kit
Kitchen Remodel - Member Marketing
Bathroom Remodel - Member Marketing
Outdoor Furniture - DMAR Home Kit
Painting - DMAR Home Kit
Carpet Cleaning - Member Marketing
Insurance - Member Marketing
Roofing - Member Marketing
Our Features

Learn why the DMAR Home Kit is great for customers, too!

The DMAR Home Kit makes finding local real estate professionals and housing market updates as easy as a tap of your finger.

Quick Response - DMAR Home Kit

Quick Response

The pros included in the DMAR Home Kit app are familiar with working in the real estate community.

Exclusive Offers - DMAR Home Kit

Special Discounts

Pros offer discounts on home services, helping homeowners save on the products and/or services they need.

Networking - Member Marketing

Staying Connected

Having a go-to resource for home services and housing stats is essential for homeowners, those wanting to become homeowners and Realtors® and other real estate professionals.

Favorite Businesses - DMAR Home Kit
Realtor® - DMAR Home Kit

Super easy for DMAR Realtors® too.

Realtors® are consistently providing referrals to their clients day after day. Those purchasing homes are increasingly in a new place without anyone else to request referrals from.

Pin favorite businesses - DMAR Home Kit

Pin Favorite Partners

Realtors® rely heavily on their business relationships. The DMAR Home Kit app helps new and established Realtors® curate their business network.

Share Company - DMAR Home Kit

Share Deals with Clients

Realtors® can easily share the DMAR Home Kit App with their clients. Who wouldn't want to save a small amount of money on big home projects?

The "it" program in real estate marketing.

You can partner with an agent, a brokerage or all of them in one! This program connects you with all of the Realtors® from the brokerages you are already familiar with.

Promote your company - DMAR Home Kit

Huge Reach

Over 8,000 Realtors® belong to DMAR. Be their local pro!

Well established companies - Member Marketing

Well Established

DMAR carries a prestigious history, dating back to 1888. This is a long-standing networking group.

Exclusive Deals - DMAR Home Kit
Industry Partner - DMAR Home Kit

Make your name known in the real estate community

Co-brand with the largest local Realtor® Association in Colorado.

Exclusive Deals - DMAR Home Kit
Search for great businesses - DMAR Home Kit